Professional DJ Course In Delhi

Are you ready to transform your love for music into a thriving career behind the decks? Look no further! Our DJ Mastery Course is your ticket to mastering the art of mixing, reading crowds, and rocking the dance floor like never before.

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DJ Course

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Livewire Media DJ Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to DJing

Module 2: DJ Equipment and Setup

Module 3: Beatmatching and Mixing Basics

Module 4: Advanced Mixing Techniques

Module 5: Scratching and Turntablism

Module 6: Reading Crowds and Building Sets

Module 7: Branding and Marketing for DJs

Module 8: DJing in the Digital Age

Module 9: Performance and Stage Presence

Module 10: Business and Legal Aspects of DJing

Module 11: Final Project and Portfolio Development

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Get the best-certified DJ courses at Livewires Media Institute

Learn amazing techniques of mixing to remixing & making mashups at Livewires.Does music turn your mood? Are you passionate about mixing music to make people hit the dance floor? Want to become a professional DJ? How about taking a professional DJ course in Delhi?

If yes, then welcome to Livewires.

Learn DJ techniques in Livewires

  1. Record Audio 
  2. Edit Audio 
  3. Audio Sampling 
  4. Handle Audio Equipment 
  5. Cue Tracks 
  6. Beat Matching 
  7. Mix Different Styles Of Music 
  8. Perform Live On-stage 

The DJ Classes the livewires will make you familiar with different types of technology, the latest music devices, and mixing software to produce enthralling music. 

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